Online registration will be available May 15.  (I hear you asking:  “Why isn’t online registration available earlier?”  Simple:  We have to pay for our credit card processing service and it’s not cheap.  So, to keep costs lower for all of us, we will only do online registration closer to the event.)

Pricing Overview.

The Max Pass – access to EVERYTHING, a complimentary event T-SHIRT and VIP seating on Saturday night – $120 before July 15; $135 after
Weekend Pass – access to everything except extra-fee workshops – $85 before July 15; $99 after
Friday Only Pass – same as weekend pass but only for Friday – $40
Saturday Only Pass – see above, but for Saturday – $50
Sunday Only Pass – see above, but for Sunday – $30
Friday night after 7PM – $20
Saturday night after 7PM – $25

If you want to mail your registration form to us rather than using the online system, our USPS address is:

Dancemax Productions
PO Box 111
Brookston, IN 47923

Or, if you want to scan the registration form and email it to us, our email address is: