Our staff members are not only incredible dancers, knowledgeable instructors, certified judges and skilled contest staff…they are enthusiastic professionals who will do their part to make your experience at the Chicagoland Dance Festival one you will not forget!  Many of our competitive couples also teach workshops, judge and are available for private instruction.  Take advantage of this abundance of talent!

This is the 2016 list of instructors and judges just for reference.  An updated staff list will be developed in the new few weeks!

Instructors and Judges

Mario Robau, Jr.
Albert Tailleur
Gary McIntyre
Marc Davidson & Sylvie Raymond
Clive Stevens & Christy Kam
Richard McMurrich & Suzanne Mosley
Jason & Annmarie Marker
Colleen & Arthur Uspensky
Jason Miklic & Sophy Kdep
Nino DiGiulio & Dawn Lara
Jim and Kelli Rainey
Byron Calix
Jeff Mumford
Mike Konkel & Shelli Schroeder
Shawn Swaithes
Sam & Christine Wetzel
Lee & Marcy Harpe
Chad Guidry & Shelley James
Kristin & Monty Ham
Kathi Bittner
Bill Robinson
Beth Emerson
Penny Lalonde
Bob Wheatley
Earl Strom
Chad Graber
Raquel Williams & Newell Defreest
Brittney Valdez & Eric Nava
Amanda Clark & Christopher Muise
Mona Brandt & Tim Perez


Mona Broussard
Tim Johnson
April Prince
Ken Dillard

Country Contest Coordinator

Dave Getty

Swing Chief Judge

Mike Topel

Registration and Scoring

Country Dance Director:  Kelly Strouse and Ed von Adelung

Event Videographer

Bob Bahrs Video will provide spotlight video services for the country competitions and capture the Saturday night competition and exhibitions.  Order your videos at the event.

Event Photographer

Nicole Wardell:

We Couldn’t Do it Without…

Swing 'n' CountryWe couldn’t do it without our friends at Swing ‘n’ Country who host the Friday night pizza party and donate cash prizes in addition to providing moral support and lots of help!

Website Design

  • Sam Smith – who generously and patiently guides his crazy Aunt Jen through the process of updating pages.  Be a dear and get Auntie another cocktail!