The weekend will feature nearly 40 workshops.  You’ll find classes for all skill levels – absolute beginners through advanced dancers – for a wide array of dances including  west coast swing, two step, nightclub, cha-cha, and east coast swing.  There will be technique classes that will make you a better all-round dancer.

Click here for a copy of the 2017 Workshop Schedule

Note from Jen: Even with all my obsessing, changes may be made.   Be sure to pick up the final copy of the workshop schedule at registration when you arrive at the event.

Workshop Levels

  • Basic workshops will cover fundamentals of the dance. NO
    previous knowledge necessary. Learn to dance this weekend!
  • B/I – Beginner/Intermediate:
    You’ll need to know the basic rhythm and patterns of the dance
  • I – Intermediate:
    You’ll need a solid understanding of the dance, its rhythms and patterns

Blue-shaded workshops are an additional $7 per person. Tickets available at REGISTRATION.  If you purchased a Max pass, ALL workshops are included with your pass