So who qualifies as a spectator?  Someone who is supporting one of our competitive dancers but is not themselves a dancer.  For example, a non-dancing parent, or co-worker or friend or spouse or significant other.

A spectator is someone who wants to see what our dancesport is about before deciding to buy a pass that will let them participate. 

A spectator is not someone who wants to dance or take workshops.

Spectator Passes for non-dancers are $10 per day during these hours:

  • Friday, from 4PM – 11PM
  • Saturday, from 9AM – 6PM
  • Sunday, from 9AM – 4PM

Because Saturday night’s show includes a mix of competiton, exhibitions and entertainment, spectators for that session will need to purchase a Saturday night pass.

Spectators are welcome to purchase passes on-site at the event registration area just outside the ballroom.  The price is $10 whether you pre-pay or purchase at the door.

We’re glad you’re coming to see what our dancesport is all about!